Shariah Board

The Shariah Supervisory Board (“SSB”) has been appointed to ensure that all activities of Sohar Islamic are conducted in accordance with the principles of Shariah. The Board regularly reviews and monitors the products and transactions.Our Shariah Board comprises of the world’s reputed & respected international and local scholars of Islamic Finance:

Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan

Honorable Dr. Hussain did his PhD in the Faculty of Shariah from Al Azhar University, Egypt and Master of Comparative Jurisprudence from University of New York, USA and graduated in Law and Economics from University of Cairo, Egypt. He has over 50 years of experience in Islamic Banking and is the Chairman and/or member of Shariah Supervisory Boards of 40 banks and financial intuitions. He is a member of the AAOIFI Shariah board & he is also the author of more than 50 books and research papers, has written over 400 extensive articles. Additionally, he has successfully converted many conventional banks and financial intuitions into Islamic institutions.

Dr. Mudassar Siddiqui

Dr. Mudassar Siddiqui is an internationally renowned expert of Islamic Studies and Western laws. He did his PhD in law from Chicago Kent College of Law, USA; Master of Law from Harvard Law School, USA; and Islamic Studies from, Islamic University of al-Madina al-Munawwarah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a member of the AAOIFI Shariah Standards Committee; the Fiqh Council of North America; and a Research Fellow at the International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance in Malaysia. He has more than 30 years of experience in providing Shariah and Law consultancy, Islamic banking documentation, research, lectures and arbitration for more than 40 worldwide organizations, universities and research centres.

Sheikh Azzan bin Nasir Farfoor Al Amri

Holding bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and with a specialisation in Judiciary, Sheikh Azzan bin Nasir Farfoor Al Amri has been working as the secretary to the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman in the Fatwa Section since 2001. He is also well versed in Shariah Law, having done numerous courses in relevant fields and participated in many related workshops and conferences.

Sheikh Fahad Al Khalili

Fahad graduated from the Florida Atlantic University USA after which he joined the Central Bank of Oman. At the CBO, he was part of the Treasury and Investment Division with the responsibility of managing billions of USD in the international markets.
Thereafter, Fahad joined Al Madina Investment where he quickly became the Deputy General Manager of Investment Banking. At Al Madina Investment, he was instrumental in promoting and raising equity for several successful companies including Al Madina Takaful, Al Madina Real Estate, Tilal Fund and others. His key responsibilities included portfolio management to the tune of hundreds of millions USD, promotion of Greenfield ventures and handling high net worth individuals.
Recently, Fahad founded Bayan Investment House, which is focused on building long term relationships by provided investment banking and advisory services.