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How do I apply for Internet/Mobile Banking? What services can I get on Internet/Mobile Banking? What rules do I need keep in mind when changing my Login-ID and password? Are there any additional documents I need to submit to avail the Internet/Mobile Banking Facility? Is there any charge for applying or using Internet/Mobile banking? What types of accounts are visible through the Internet/Mobile Banking? I have only a fixed deposit account with you. Will it be useful for me to apply for Internet/Mobile banking? Can I authorize someone to use my account? How can I log in if I have forgotten my password? Can the customer add other accounts later to the existing Login Id? What needs to be collected from the branch once I register for Internet/Mobile Banking? Should the customer keep any minimum balance in my account(s) to avail this facility? What will happen if the customer does not use Internet/Mobile banking for a long time after enabling the facility? What do you mean that the transactions are "Real-Time online"? What kind of hardware and software are recommended for using the Internet banking more efficiently? Why is my Internet/Mobile Banking Password not functioning? How do I change my passwords? What are the measures I can take to ensure greater security? Sometimes, when I try to log in at the Internet/Mobile Banking, I get the message "Connection not Established, Try Again...” Whom should I contact if I have problem in accessing Internet/mobile banking? How secure is Internet/mobile banking?